Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Paradigm mall is it safe?

My second visit to Paradigm mall today, i didn't think that I would got here again I did. I go with my son in the morning and parked near the pet shop, there is escalator access just opposite pet shop not far you can see. There is a security guard there, bravo I feel safe indeed hehe.. I saw him when after parking my car also saw him again same spot when I go get my car.

Going there is not hard, I parked underground I mean basement as the road I enter lead me there. I like to try upper level next time as easier for me if I see movie at night. I am thinking to try go there again on Friday but not sure yet as I have busy scheduled this week. School holiday but still I need to plan on things I need to do, example heading to GSC one utama for movie as won passes to see movie with son.