Sunday, March 27, 2016

Oral Care events

I just attended an oral care event few days back and I didn't plan to go another next week. As the venue is far away from my place. Other than that, it is just an event and it is non paid for lifestyle blogger like me as I am doing of things that interest me. I go for events that I have interest and love, sometimes getting paid is an added advantage.

The cost of editing photo, blogging and Internet fee is come from own pockets. Also dont forget about attending the event with our own cost. From one place going to another places, finding parking and some events don't provide food or refreshment after that. Also the smart phone fee that we need to pay for the access of Internet to use waze.

I do check on venue before going for an event. Though some events are interesting but if it clashes my time to fetch my boys I have to give them up. My sons are schooling and transporter charging each child one way fee is costly! Besides going to an event is just getting goodies and this cannot be use to pay the fuel/petrol/parking.