Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Weekdays events

They have few events invitation but sad to say can't make it. It is either the time or the date is not suitable. Other than that I find spend quality time with family members are better.

Parking can be troublesome at the mall and the parking fee can be costly. Do you think all events worth going?

Son's having exam soon so I need to know when is suitable go events.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Wednesday he's having nap

My son started school today after school holiday for Chinese New Year. My dear is having his nap though it is almost 11am, he's not working today and he's snorning on sofa bed. I will need to go near school soon to find parking as today son finished 12.30 class but I will need to go early for find parking.

Dear has his car service in Nissan in Glenmarie branch and sad to say I waited in car for 45 min. He told me today they have 50 cars for services and they don't accept many walk in guest/car.

Estimated for his car service fee RM500.