Thursday, June 25, 2009

Win $300 June/July Blog Contest

If you are looking for cash money, this is the time you take part to win $300 June/July Blog Contest, you got to work for it to win! I know that I need to work hard on this contest, almost forgot this contest is held at Survival Guide to Online Surveys.

The rules are the same as before and as follows:

1) Subscribe to the blog by email = 1 entry

2)Register at the forum = 1 entry

3) Post a comment to the blog = 1/3 entry

Comment 3 times to earn one entry to the contest, with a limit of 3 comments per day. Comments must be relevant to the topic of the post or to a previous comment (posting “great post” isn’t really a comment). Comments can be made to any blog post. Subscribers can access the blog directly HERE to post a comment.

4) Write about the contest on your blog with a link back to us = 5 entries

5) Post a reply or comment on the forum = 1/3 entry

3 comments = 1 entry, limit 3 comments per day (relevant content as discussed in #3)

6) Digg , Stumble or submit a post to Technorati = 1 entry

Every post that you submit to, or will earn 1 entry to the contest. You can use the archives to submit as many posts as you like.

The $300 will be rewarded in the following increments:

1 $75 prize

1 $50 prizes

3 $25 prizes

5 $10 prizes

10 $5 prizes

The contest will end on July 30th and the winners will be announced on July 31st.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

If you want something you got to go for it!

Just the other day I told my friend about a friend that we knew. In fact, we are so closed together sometimes I just fed up about it. If we are family we are supposed to help one another but very sad to see that this is not happening at all.

I knew that she will act that way and I am right! My sister is having an ovarian tumour and the day we had dinner she sat next to my sister. Acting like my sister is strange, gosh is sicked. No matter what happened my sister is still part of my family.

She sat next to me and putting her elbow on my table, my sister was sitting next to her. Hello?! The table is big enough for every and why are you crossing the line?!

I cannot believe that this selfish person is in the family.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blogging with Joy

Yeah I love blogging and it is important to blog with joy. Well, I know sometimes we do experienced unhappiness and do you think we can blog it out too? I think yes and you can express your feeling, it is your freedom but you got to know the limit of expression in words.

Here I am to tell you that I am taking times to update my blogs.