Friday, January 1, 2010

Countdown diary one year old

I love giveaway and I am taking part in countdown diary one year old giveaway.

Giveaway is held at
simple rules:

- must be my followers -__-"
- promote my 1 year old diary on 17.02.2010 in one entry only <- omg, so excited!
- at least paste any one of my pictures just copy paste above cute pink slice cake on your entry.
- then just inform me reason(s) why you should be the winner.
- submit your link here before 13.02.2010 at 11.59 pm


- 10 randoms souvenir from my travel trip.
- do pray hard, in case i have extra budget number of prizes will be increase ^__^


  1. hello. thank you very much for promoting my diary one year old big day soon. i am follow you too~

  2. ups.. dont forget

    (1) to copy paste a slice of pink cake.
    (2) give me reason(s) why i should give you one of that prizes..

    thank you ^___^


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