Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Last September 2010

My mom loves jewellery and I am sure every girl and woman loves them too. I purchase the seashell necklace for many years ago and I decided to give to my mom. I seldom wear it and I found it in my closet, I repair the necklace for her as she breaks it the other day. I visited my mom at the nursing home and I am glad to see her happy to see me.
I bought her some clothes, they are new and prelove clothes of mine and my loved one. I know that I cannot wear them any more instead of throwing them away. I decided to make donation to the nursing home, of course my mom gets to pick the clothes first. She is very happy to see the clothes even though she knows most of them are mine. I am out of shape, she knows that I cannot wear them anymore.
My mom kissmi before I left the nursing home, she mentions to me that do visit her again.

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