Thursday, March 8, 2012

PF:Pink Gloves for ice skating

I love Friday and here I am taking part in Pink Friday. It has been more than ten years since I skate, this shopping mall Sunway Pyramid located in Selangor, Malaysia has ice skating rink. Look there goes me with pink gloves, I have to grab hold of the side glass tightly because I scare I fall down. It was fun Sunday for me not for my baby boy he got cranky and dear with his sis have hard time to calm him down. It is an exciting fun adventure and it is challenge to skate on the ice. It is not like roller skating at all.

The ice skating shoes must tightly very hard or else you need go in again. I saw there is school holiday course for ice skating it cost RM140 which is USD40, it is only for half an hour for four or five session. No kidding, some parent are willing to let their children take up the course, for me I find it expensive unless you are going there every week to skate if not why would you want to take up the course? You need to pratice and skate often if not no use to take up the basic ice skating course.


  1. oh that ice skating is one the things I wanted to try this winter but guess our winter was short this year though. visiting from mommy moments.

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  3. hi Mel, have visit yours. :D

    hi Rosemarie, unable leav comment at your post dont know why. I leave at another blog.


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